Formule 1 fans: beleggen in Daimler of Ferrari?

Kun je beleggen in je hobby? Voor Formule 1 fans zijn de aandelen Daimler en Ferrari een optie. De connectie tussen hobby en beleggen kan helpen om je kinderen er wat over te leren.

Holly Black 31 augustus, 2021 | 9:14
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Holly Black: Welcome to Morningstar. I'm Holly Black and it's back to school week. That means we've got our team of young investment experts back. And this year we're asking, how do you get kids interested in investing? 

Jack Thompson: Hello, my name is Jack Thompson and I love Formula One. My favorite team is Ferrari. My favorite driver is Leclerc, and the best race ever was Abu Dhabi 2019.

Black: If your child loves all things F1, but you want investing to take pole position in their life instead, you could consider investing in Mercedes. 

Richard Hilgert: We're talking about Formula One racing and how to participate. Ferrari is one of the stocks we cover and probably one of the most famous in terms of its racing history. It has a very rich heritage in F1 16 championship constructor, 15 driver, 239 wins. However, the stock trades at a 73% premium to our fair value estimate. While the company does have a wide moat. In other words, very high competitive advantages. We do sometimes pay up for those moats, but in this instance, we think the premium is a bit too high. 

On the other hand, Daimler which owns Mercedes, and has the Mercedes AMG Petronas. Ownership about third of that team, that's also been a long participant in F1, trades at about an 11% discount to our fair value estimate. Our fair value is 83 on Daimler and it's currently trading at $74.13. You're not going to get as much materiality by owning Daimler in F1 as you do in Ferrari, but the price is cheaper.

Black: Getting kids interested in investing is not easy, but one of the things that professionals advise is trying to link it to something they already know and love. So, whether they are a gaming addict or a chocoholic, there is a stock that can tie in to whatever your child interest or hobby is. And that's a great way to get them started.

For Morningstar, I'm Holly Black.

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