Minecraft fans: beleggen in Mattel?

Minecraft is een immens populair spel onder kinderen. Je eigen wereld bouwen is te vergelijken met het bouwen van een beleggingsportefeuille. Daarin past bijvoorbeeld speelgoedfabrikant Mattel.

Holly Black 01 september, 2021 | 10:35
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Holly Black: Welcome to Morningstar. I'm Holly Black and it's back-to-school week. That means we've got our team of young investment experts back. And this year, we're asking, how do you get kids interested in investing. 

Emmy Willson: Hello, my name is Emmy and I love Minecraft because it's so much fun and it keeps me distracted from the outside world. 

My greatest build is a village I made just for me and my family. It includes zoo, a castle, three cottages, camping site, I made, and my favorite is the (Chester of Deportivo).

Black: If your child is Minecraft mad and you'd prefer that they build an investment portfolio – imaginary village. How about an investment in Mattel? 

Jaime Katz: Mattel is a long operating toy company that owns brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Thomas & Friends and American Girl. Because we know these brands so well, we've given Mattel a narrow moat rating. That indicates that we think these popular brands will remain in demand for around the next 15 years at least, and that Mattel will be able to generate more profits from money than it costs to operating the brand. 

When we put together all the sales we think the company can make over time and how much profit Mattel can make on the sales, then we try to value the business to get an idea whether the shares in the market are cheap or expensive to own. 

Over time, we think Mattel can grow sales by about 3% to 4% every year. And when we deduct the cost that it takes for Mattel to create new products and get those products to stores, we can see how much profit the company can earn. 

We're taking these factors into consideration, we think Mattel should be priced around $23 per share, in the marketplace shares are trading around $22. So, with our price expectation compared to the market price, we think shares are fairly valued, and we'd generally tell investors to wait for share price to decline before investing in shares. 

Black: Getting kids interested in investing is not easy, but one of the things that professionals advise is trying to link it to something they already know and love. So, whether they're a gaming addict or a chocoholic, there is a stock that can tie into whatever your child's interest or hobby is, and that's a great way to get them started.

For Morningstar, I'm Holly Black.

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