Star Wars fans: beleggen in Disney?

In het kader van Back to School week kijken we naar de connectie tussen de hobby's van kinderen en beleggen. Deze keer: beleggen in Disney als idee voor Star Wars fans.

Holly Black 01 september, 2021 | 10:19
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Holly Black: Welcome to Morningstar. I'm Holly Black, and it's back to school week. That means we've got our team of young investment experts back. And this year we're asking, how do you get kids interested in investing?

Issac Shaftain: Hello, my name is Issac Shaftain. And one of my favorite films is Star Wars. My favorite character is Luke Skywalker. And my best bit is when he defeats Darth Vader. 

Black: So, you've got a young Jedi in the house, how do you get them to use the force to fill up their money box rather than to fight crime with a lightsaber across the galaxy? Well, our analyst suggests investing in Disney.

Neil Macker: For parents whose kids love Star Wars, Disney is, of course, the home of Star Wars, but also Pixar Marvel and of course, the Disney characters that we've all grown up with, from Mickey and Minnie Mouse, all the way up to Elsa recently in the Frozen series. Disney, of course, is like its media peers transitioning streaming with its runaway success Disney Plus. Additionally, when we look at the company, it should benefit from reopenings as its parks and cruise lines tend to attract millions of attendees a year. However, right now, we do believe the excitement around streaming has caused the stock price to grow a little above where we'd like and we'd expect that investors should look for a pullback before investing in this wide moat stock. 

Black: Getting kids interested in investing is not easy, but one of the things that professionals advise is trying to link it to something they already know and love. So, whether they're a gaming addict or a chocoholic, there's a stock that can tie into whatever your child's interest or hobby is, and that's a great way to get them started.

For Morningstar. I'm Holly Black.

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