Mifid II vernieuwd: het belang van ESG data bij voorkomen van greenwashing

In het derde en laatste deel van Morningstar's serie over de toekomst van Mifid II en ESG bespreken Morningstar's experts Andy Pettit en Anastasia Georgiou de nieuwe eisen omtrent data en het voorkomen van greenwashing.

Ollie Smith 20 april, 2022 | 9:28
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Ollie Smith: In the final part of this special three-part video series on the future of ESG and Mifid II, I want to ask Morningstar's resident experts exactly what the solutions will be to implementing the new rules. Joining me in the studio today is Anastasia Georgiou, our director of client solutions and Andy Pettit, our director of policy Research.

Can I just ask you we've discussed the practical challenges, what are the solutions here? How is it going to be implemented?

Andy Pettit: In the first client review after 2 of August, this process has to be added to those client conversations. Once that's been done and you've got a framework from the client to work within, you kind of extend your existing process of matching products, suitable products, to meet the clients' overall objectives. And yeah, as we said that that will be gradual as more data comes on stream to broaden that range of possible products.

OS: Okay. What do advisers need to do right now to stay on top of the game? If they take away one thing from watching this, where they think, okay, if I'm going to be ahead here, what's it going to be?

AP: I think it's thinking about how you're going to have that conversation and express these fairly complex choices in a reasonably simple way.

OS: And Ana, just finally, is there a solution to data limitations or is it just a case of being pragmatic, do you think?

Anastasia Georgiou: I mean, I think, there is somewhat of a solution. So, obviously, the regulatory data might not necessarily be available, but there's plenty of third-party data. So, Morningstar has a range of data that can help to supplement and support advisers in meeting their clients' sustainability preferences. And in fact, even when the regulatory data is available, I think it will still be good practice to look at alternative sources of data to ensure you're avoiding greenwashing and that you've analysed the investments in the best way possible.

OS: Sure. For more on ESG and Mifid II, do check out our websites and indeed, our software, Morningstar Direct. Until next time, my greatest of thanks to Ana and Andy. I've been Ollie Smith for Morningstar.

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