Morningstar Minute: wat is een bubbel?

VIDEO - Van individuele aandelen tot aan volledige asset classes, een bubbel kan wanneer hij knapt een ramp aanrichten in uw beleggingen, als u de verkeerde posities op het verkeerde moment bezit. Morningstar legt het uit in deze video.

Sunniva Kolostyak 29 augustus, 2022 | 13:53
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Sunniva Kolostyak: Welcome to Morningstar's Personal Finance Minutes. Today, we are asking the question "what is a bubble?"

Financial bubbles come in all shapes and sizes, and they are quite difficult to predict, if that's even possible. It can be just a stock, or it can be bigger, like an entire sector or economy. They happen where people start to have great belief in something's future returns. And by the time people realise the truth, that's when the bubble bursts.

The economist, Hyman Minsky, once outlined five stages to a credit cycle and bubbles. It's displacement, boom, euphoria, profit taking and panic. In other words, something disruptive is launched, people pile in and make their returns, then there is an event like bankruptcy or mortgage defaults, and that sets of a domino effect.

So, is this something to be wary of? Our analysts say that it would make more financial sense to think about your time horizon and risk tolerance instead, regardless of bubbles and bursts. For Morningstar, I'm Sunniva Kolostyak.

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